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The Currimjee Group is a family-owned business founded by the Currimjee Family with over 125 years of existence. The Group currently operates in seven business sectors: Telecoms, Media & It, Real Estate, Hospitality & Tourism, Commerce & Financial Services, Energy, Food & Beverages and Home & Personal Care.

With deep-rooted values, a clear vision, a strong governance, a united team, a professional and multicultural management team, the Group aims to continue its development in a sustainable manner so as to leave a strong legacy to the future generation.



The story begins way back in 1884 when a 22-year old, adventurous young man, Currimjee Jeewanjee, set foot on the shores of Port Louis from Gujarat, India. He started a little business in 1890 at Louis Pasteur Street, trading in commodities.

The business activities of the Currimjee Group are organized through seven clusters: Telecoms, Media & IT, Real Estate, Tourism & Hospitality, Commerce & Financial Services, Energy, Food & Beverages and Home & Personal Care.

The first five clusters are managed by Currimjee Jeewanjee and Company Limited, headed by Anil C Currimjee, Managing Director and the other two clusters are managed by Currimjee Industries that has at its head Ashraf M Currimjee, Managing Director, for the Home & Personal Care cluster and Azim F Currimjee, Managing Director, for the Food & Beverages cluster, with Raffi Currimjee, Deputy Managing Director, at his side.

The Chairman of the Group is Bashir A Currimjee, GOSK



Through our continuous commitment to people, progress and strong values, we will continue to lead the way. We are a proudly mauritian organisation with rich heritage of entrepreneurship and foresight, ever learning from our past to build something better for today and for the generations to come.


Our Group is driven by the 5 values:

1. Foresight

By making an effort to understand the needs of our customers and communities, we are able to visualize a better future and make it real through diligent planning.

2. Integrity

As one group, we are known for always doing what we say. Through honesty, fairness and respect, we aim to build long-term relationships with all the stakeholders.

3. Responsibility

We maintain that success is not only reflected in the bottom line but also in the positive impact we have on communities and the environment.

4. Passion

We have the passion required to bring our vision to life, to inspire success and build a better tomorrow for our customers, company and country.

5. Openness

We are open and inclusive, always willing to learn from others and always demonstrating respect for different cultures, beliefs and ideas.

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